Cries for a ‘Clean Power Plan’ grow in wake of Supreme Court challenge

Environmental activist from across the state gathered on the steps of the capitol building in Lansing, calling for a state Clean Power Plan (CPP). The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was in the process of establishing federal regulations for energy production when a Supreme Court challenge put it on hold. Last September, Snyder was planning to develop similar rules for Michigan to comply with the federal plan but reversed his position in the wake of the lawsuit.

“We are angry that dirty energy titans and their puppet politicians have filed this

politically-motivated lawsuit and the resulting stay as an excuse for inaction.” Said Taryn Jones of Michigan United. “Every day they stall is a day that our families continue to suffer from the devastating impacts of the dirty energy economy and climate change.”

The move comes at a time when the Governor’s environmental record suffers with the water crisis in Flint. Soon after, Michigan Attorney General asked for a waiver from the Mercury rule for air emissions.

02-29-2016. Photo by Zac A. Clark. 2016. #2Many of the protesters’ lives are directly affected by by energy production, like Emma Lockridge, a Michigan United leader who lives near the Marathon oil refinery in Southwest Detroit. “Moving to clean energy isn’t just the sustainable thing to do, it can help us tackle  rampant racial and economic inequality.” She said. “The Clean Power Plan offers Michigan a chance to expand economic opportunities, especially for communities of color and low- income communities.”

Photo Credits: Clark/ Camera/ Cinema


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