Clean Water Action, Sierra Club: Nofs energy plan too weak, keeps Michigan reliant on dirty coal


Friday, November 4, 2016

Contact: Nick Dodge, Byrum & Fisk Communications, (517) 333-1606
Nofs plan will increase big utility company profits at the expense of Michigan’s air, land and Great Lakes

LANSING, Mich. – Environmental advocacy groups Clean Water Action and the Sierra Club Michigan Chapter today said the latest (S-7) energy package proposed by Sen. Mike Nofs fails to reduce dangerous pollution and rein in rising electricity costs. The groups called for expanding clean, renewable energy, which will reduce pollution and cut electricity costs for ratepayers.


“We need an energy bill that aggressively expands clean, renewable energy in order to mitigate dangerous pollution, reduce electricity costs for ratepayers and create sustainable jobs,” said Mike Berkowitz, legislative director of the Sierra Club Michigan Chapter. “The Nofs plan would devastate Michigan’s growing renewable energy sector, while giving a handout to polluters and big utility companies.”


“The Nofs plan would allow Michigan utilities to continue spewing dangerous pollution into our air and Great Lakes,” said Nic Clark, Michigan Director of Clean Water Action. “We need an energy plan that expands clean, renewable energy and reduces electricity costs for ratepayers, and the Nofs plan would do the opposite. The Nofs plan is an abject failure and should be rejected.”





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